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We started form where the others ended.

Chairman of the Board Message

On behalf of Diamond Mask Est. we are eager to provide our leading capabilities through our distinguished team, and are always keen to deliver solutions that will reach you to the targeted audience, Diamond Mask is a leading Est. in the field of preparing exhibitions, conferences and weddings platform.

Our long experience in the industry of exhibitions, conferences and weddings has taught us that the keys to success are based on key stages and the most important: preparation, planning, implementation and composing the final report.
Diamond Mask Est. has implemented a large number of events, most notably the National Day 2016, Huawei Day 2016, Autodesk 2017, Souk Okaz 2017 and 2018, and last but not least Saudi Agricultural Exhibition 2019.
We look forward to hearing from you on how the Diamond Mask Est. can contribute to develop your business.

Safa Al Mandeel

Diamond Mask Est.

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